Saturday, 14 April 2012

Make Your Own Cake Board

This week it was my lovely friend Sarah's Birthday and I made a cake, which of course meant I needed something to transport and serve it on. Cue the need for a cake board, but not one of those foil ones (like this) that you buy from the supermarket, oh no, a thrifty home-made kind of one that's even better as it has 'lift out' sides to remove it from the tub. Perfect for a cake that needs to travel 37 miles to Bath in rush hour traffic.

How to Make Your Own Cereal Box Cake Board

The dimensions of my cereal box were 19 x 25cm (front) and my cake tin has a diameter of 19cm- perfect fit. You may want to use stronger cardboard if making a bigger/heavier cake, but this was fine for lifting it out, lighting the candles and cutting the cake.


  1. omg i made a similar thing last year when i decided to bake a cake for a friend in a hurry!! :D
    had no issues at all, but yeah, i would use more layers of cereal box or other cardboard for better support next time..

  2. I think you're right Nisha- the corrugated cardboard seems to work best!