Saturday, 28 July 2012

July Sales

Today I did something that I'm kind of not proud of. Well actually my thrifty self is very proud, but the bit of me that believes Christmas should only happen in December, not so much.

I went to Hobbycraft to buy some purple ink and they might have maybe had a big bin of Christmas rubber stamps for £1 each and I might have gone a little crazy....

OK, so I also got some felt reindeer and Christmas trees. I feel guilty even thinking about Christmas in the middle of July, but I'm sure I'll feel very smug come Christmas time!

That my was my little splurge for the month as this whole house-buying malarky is so expensive, but if you've got some spare cash for the sales, there are some great ones at the moment- my favourites (for window shopping only!) are NextHabitat and Accessorize.

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