Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday Night In

We don't have a TV at home- there's not much room and we don't really watch it enough to make it worth paying for. Instead, we rent DVDs from Love Film, which for our 'light use' package is £8.16 a month (the cost of a cinema ticket for just one of us). This gets us 4 DVDs a month and 4 hours of watching the online player, with free returns whenever we like.

Today, the BAFTA nominations came out, see here so I've added lots of new DVDs to my list, but for now, I'm going to settle down to a TV series on DVD and a glass of wine... we still have so much left from NYE!

Hope everyone has a lovely, relaxing weekend and if anybody has any film suggestions to add to the list, let me know :)

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