Monday, 30 January 2012

Music Magpie

This weekend was a big stuff sorting/clearing out weekend as we prepare for the arrival of yet more samba drums to fill our house up (Dave runs a samba drumming business Ola Samba and we're starting a new community group- Ciren Samba for which we will be acquiring yet more drums!)

We gave some furniture away on Freegle and a couple of bags to the charity shop. I also tried out Music Magpie- a site which allows you to input the barcodes of any CDs/DVDs/games you no longer want and then gives you a price for them and a freepost label to send them away. You can then elect to give the money to charity, convert into M&S vouchers to spend online or receive a cheque. It was really simple to do, although I couldn't get the webcam barcode reader to work so input them manually and although you don't get much for your CDs, I'm just glad to have some more space.

Now I just need to find a box to fit them all into and wait for my £12.92 to arrive!

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