Friday, 3 February 2012

Funky Flamingo

Today I have been crafting funky flamingo Birthday cards on old folder dividers, using scraps of wrapping paper.

I used my guillotine to chop the dividers to make cards that would fit into standard (C6) envelopes:

Old dividers are good for cards as they tend to get scrappy around the edges (which you can chop off) and around the binder holes. OCD Lucy sometimes makes them special plastic pouches to stop this happening, but given that I've just emptied 10 (!) lever arch folders full of notes from my degree, there were a fair few that hadn't yet had the obsessive treatment and were ripe for card making.

This makes a lovely rainbow of blank colourful canvasses:

Perfect for flamingos:

If you want to make your own flamingo cards, here's a handy template I made:

Happy Flamingo Friday!

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