Friday, 17 February 2012

Microwave Scottish Tablet

This weekend has been very busy with work and play and to top it all off we're off for a cycling adventure to Wales today, hurrah! Whilst Dave does important man things, like load the car and service the bikes, I am preparing the car snacks. I like to think that this is also a very important job.

I am most excited about nibbling on some of this Scottish tablet- a really easy microwave recipe, which I made for my friend's Birthday and Valentine's Day:

All of that sugar might keep me awake on the journey too! I know that making tablet in the microwave is probably sacrilege, but it was so easy and it set in just a few minutes, ready to cut into cubes. I only made half of the quantity from the recipe above and that was good for a bag for my friend, a bag for Valentine's Day and some leftovers for our trip.

This recipe is also good for using up any condensed milk you might have left over from Milk Jelly experiments.

Have a lovely weekend!

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