Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Greetings Card Art

I wanted something to brighten up our (very magnolia) bathroom and something that would remind me of holidays and happy places and when Dave received this lovely Birthday card from my Mum and Step Dad, I decided it would make perfect bathroom art:

I adore this picture of Port Isaac in Cornwall. It's by Susie Grindey who is absolutely amazing- I adore her style and am trying to pick an original to ask for very nicely as a Birthday present (I have fallen in love with them, but my Birthday isn't until May!) I'm thinking one of Bath as I went to uni there and it holds lots of happy memories for me, or maybe one of Cornwall, where we spent lots of holidays as children and still do now. They're all so lovely, it's impossible to choose!

Anyway, for now I have popped it in an Ikea Nyttja frame to get my fix:

So now I can dream of beaches, ice creams and the beautiful Cornish coastline every day, ahhh.

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