Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Free Exercise

Today the sun is shining for the second time in a week, which these days feels like a real event. I decided to ditch the Wednesday evening spinning class and go for a real live bike ride in the evening sun.

And what a difference it made- I loved going straight from my desk into the fresh air. (OK so I didn't go as far or work as hard, but at least I wasn't paying for the privilege of being shouted at in a room full of sweaty people). So I urge you, ditch the gym or the classes and get outdoors for some free exercise this week!

If you find it hard to get motivated, then try one of these free apps (links all to download from iTunes App Store):

Adidas micoach- choose from a number of famous voices (including Johnny Wilkinson's, ahh) to encourage you to reach your fitness goals. Has a GPS route mapper and lots of charts and scores synced with your computer for ongoing motivation.

ThinQ- fitness videos on your phone to fit around your lifestyle- no excuses!

Abs Workout- has a brilliant two week programme or eighteen separate workouts with three difference modes to progress through

Happy workout!

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