Thursday, 31 May 2012

Anti Ageing Patrol

At 17 I started going grey (happily I just now have a smallish patch and have changed my parting it's mostly hidden underneath my top layer of hair!) but I think this is what got me started on the anti-ageing patrol. Perhaps it also has something to do with my mother, who looks ten years younger than she is- I'd quite like to be the same as I get older!

This week has seen a couple of anti-ageing purchases:

Boots are doing the £5 off No 7 voucher promotion at the moment (although even with the voucher, this tiny pot of cream was still £10- how indulgent) and I am a bit of a sucker for the advice about replacing your suncream annually to maintain its effectiveness, so got a half price facial suncream SPF30 to protect my face this summer.

I came across some anti-ageing facial tips when reading Naturally Gorgeous by Charlotte Vohtz and thought I would share her mini-facial advice for the eye area:

- To gently tone the muscles of the eyes, place two fingers of each side of your head, at the temples and press while opening and closing your eyes rapidly. Repeat five times.
- Sit upright. While keeping your eyes closed and relaxed the whole time, look down and then look uo as far as possible. Repeat this 10 times.
- Eye tapping can reduce crow's feet and puffiness. Tap gently with the pads of your fingers from the inside corner, near the nose, to the outer edge and back again, following the curve under the eye. Repeat 10 times.

Extract from Naturally Gorgeous by Charlotte Vohtz, p.120.

This advice sounds good (and thrifty!) to me, I think I will give it a try at my desk over the coming few weeks.

What are your best anti-ageing tips?

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