Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fathers Day- Step Dad Cards

Next Sunday it is Father's Day and as ever, this leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. As you probably have noticed, I like to make cards, but sometimes there is a lack of time/appropriate manly-card-making-material and one must resort to the shops.

As far as I can work out, only 3 kinds of Father's Day cards exist:
1. Soppy ones, only really appropriate from small children (see here and here)
2. Corny ones with beer/football/golf/TV references on (see here)
3. Comedy ones, that aren't really funny or are just crude (see here)

Occasionally you manage to snap one up that is none of the above- for some good ones see herehere or here. I managed to snaffle one such 'normal' card for my Dad this year happily (although only after visiting several shops and spending an unreasonable amount of time browsing, in which I probably could have made something!)

But the real problem arises when trying to purchase a card for my Step Dad. Now, I am most certainly not alone in having parents who have re-married, yet somehow when it comes to Father's Day, the card industry chooses to produce husband and grandad cards and even ones for your brother, but almost completely ignores the poor, downtrodden step dad. You can have the 'you're not my actual Dad' type- here or you might prefer the 'someone very special' approach- here, but to me, for all of the effort he put in parenting me, my Step Dad deserves a lot more. So I have turned my back on the card industry for another year and instead and made one (and must now bear the guilt of making one and not the other!)

So that was a long-winded introduction into making your own Scrabble card...

1. Green scrabble board tissue paper back, glued on in two layers for strength and left to dry overnight

2. Silver gel pen Scrabble grid (later trimmed down as I realised it wasn't square!) 

3. Letter tiles (with more time, these could be rounded at the edges to look more authentic 

4. Glued together with some pink and red squares to create a Scrabble board look

Happy Father's Day to both of my wonderful 'Dads'!

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