Wednesday, 30 January 2013


We have been blasting through the main bedroom this month as our target finish date of mid February approaches rapidly (sssh, don't tell that I'm blogging instead of filling/sanding/priming etc). Here's a little update...

We've started off like this:

(Yes we were sleeping in there!)

And then stripped it out until it looked like this:

And then we added some insulation and plasterboard to keep us toasty:

And after putting our plastering skills (acquired at a B&Q 'You Can Do It' course) and some not-so-well-honed coving skills to the test, we ended up here:

So then it was time for the exciting bit- choosing the colour! We spent aaaages deliberating over the relative merits of whether we wanted our walls to resemble to breath of an elephant or a mysterious lady named 'Joanna', before finally settling on Egyptian Cotton. So, once we'd done a couple of undercoats, I painted some on the wall:

And it was exactly what I wanted- classy, neutral and understated. So out I went to buy myself a tin of  Dulux Endurance and as it doesn't come in a 5 litre tin and I knew I'd need more than a weedy 2.5 litre tin, I got the nice man at B&Q to mix me some up at the Dulux machine, which he did. And since you ask, it is far cheaper to get it mixed that to buy 2 x 2.5 litre tins. So I walked home, all smug and happy.

Then I started cutting in and it looked all lovely and cottony and beigey:

And then I got my roller out and huffed and puffed until all of the walls were covered:

And then it dried. And IT TURNED MAUVE. Aaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh.

Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic. And I can't really provide you with any evidence to judge for yourself, being as it is dark and all, but trust me, it's mauve. So I painted another coat and IT'S STILL MAUVE.

As we can't really afford to go out and splurge on some Farrow & Ball or Little Greene to make it all OK, I'm embracing it. You heard it here first, this season's new hottest colour- mauve.

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