Friday, 18 January 2013

Quick Update: Chalkboard Jar Labels

I am not going to profess that this is particularly 'home made', but this is a nice, quick update to make your food storage a bit more organised (and a little bit prettier!)

This was my jar storage before:

I purchased my chalkboard labels from eBay and my chalkboard pens from Amazon. I got a pack of 8 labels and 4 pens, as a 4 pack wasn't much more than a single pen and these ones had good reviews:

I was going to copy a font from somewhere and then I decided that would just be frustrating and difficult and would defeat the point of the 'quick' update, so I just free-styled in my normal handwriting:

I then carried on, carefree and stuck them on by eye, careful to avoid air bubbles, but not careful enough to worry about using a ruler, or any of that jazz:

And do you know what? I'm pretty pleased with the result. They help bring a little bit of cheer and order to our otherwise quite depressing kitchen (note the mastic on the bare walls behind the shelf!)

This wasn't the thriftiest update ever, with the labels and pens costing just under £13, but I now have 4 chalkboard pens for all sorts of projects and I'm glad I got long-lasting chalkboard labels (they're even dishwashable!) and didn't opt for something cheaper, as I think they look great!

PS In case you're wondering... our jars are mostly from the 99p Store, except the large ones, which are Ikea Korken jars.

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