Sunday, 23 October 2011

Toffee Apple Cake

The blustery weather was making me feel very autumnal this weekend and what better way to enjoy this by getting out for a bike ride to a country pub and then coming home to bake a cake with a nod to Hallowe'en and toffee apples?

We cycled to the Five Mile House via some beautiful Cotswolds villages where we stopped for a drink in the October sunshine. The food smelled delicious though, so will have to visit when we don't have to cycle back afterwards and can enjoy a sunday roast!

Rustic sign en route:

Five Mile House:

We then made a toffee apple cake from the 'Baking' (Simple Cookery series) book- one of my favourites for quick and easy to follow recipes- with just a few tweaks (less cream and more apples!)

The cake is delicious and I am savouring every last bite as I am going to have to watch what I eat from now on- this desk job has resulted in noticeable weight gain since August, oops! Cue lots more healthy recipes (from Monday... honest).

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