Monday, 26 August 2013

Free McDonald's Frappe

McDonald's are offering a free frappe through their app at the moment. I decided this was a good chance to try one as I was skeptical about the concept of a frappe from a fast food restaurant!

To get a code, you just need to log onto the app and the offer will come up on the home screen. Once confirmed, it will be saved in the ‘voucher wallet’ to use in store.

They offer a choice of caramel and mocha, I opted for the latter as I was in the car and in need of some caffeine. It was a bit over sweet with the whipped cream and chocolate sauce they pile on top (and was probably therefore horrendously bad for me), but was not a bad effort, especially for free!

Click to download the app for iPhone or Android. Hurry though as codes expire on 29th August!

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