Monday, 26 September 2011

Cash in the attic?

I have an eBay habit. Not just for buying craft stuff and clothes (although you can get some serious bargains!) but for selling anything and everything, so here is my A-Z of eBay thrips...

Anyone can do it- just sign up at
Buy it now- set this carefully- too high and it puts buyers off, too low and you lose out
Classified ads- can be listed to a much wider audience than in a local paper, great for cars
Descriptions- be as specific as possible, include links to the product website
Ended auctions- give you an idea of what price to sell your items at
Feedback- works both ways, helping you create loyal customers
Grab attention- with a concise but informative title
Honesty- unwanted gift, too small for me etc
Images- browsers are more likely to look if you include clear photos
Jiffy bags- try to pick these up from Freegle/Freecycle to save on postage costs
Keep the boxes, these makes things much more saleable
Listing fees- save by waiting for free listing weekends
Mobile phone app- helps you keep track
Never agree to complete a sale outside of eBay, it's probably a scam
One man's junk is another man's treasure*
Paypal- makes transactions safe and easy
Questions- answer promptly and honestly, encourage people to ask them
Royal Mail- offer a great service where you can pay for postage online
Spares and repairs- broken cameras, phones etc are no longer worthless
Timing- make sure you're able to post the items on the end date
Use eBay's product details to fill in everything for you
Value your item- do your homework first
Weigh items- to set appropriate postage costs
X-rated- certain items are prohibited from sale, check first
You'll need lots of parcel tape, bubble wrap and a marker pen
Zany items- often sell best if nobody can get hold of them elsewhere

* I learnt this when I sold some bargain basement sparkly pants that were 4 sizes too big for me (thanks Grandma!)

I have made lots of spare cash over the years by eBaying that broken camera or those trousers that I needed to lose some weight for (and never did). Take a look around and think how much more space you could have... Just try to avoid the bid button. Happy eBaying!

Barbie bike bell, anyone? Starting at just 99p...

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