Monday, 19 September 2011

Summer Fruit Muffin (top)

This evening I made summer fruit muffins, adapted from Joy the Baker's delicious website:

I had to adapt the recipe to Ikea's rather large and funny-sized, but beautiful cake cases:

And measurements that weren't in cups... Note to self, must buy some cup measurers!

My favourite 'thrifty tip' ('thip'?) is using frozen berries- much much cheaper than fresh ones and although a bit strangely flavoured on their own, perfect for baking.

I then tried to make some berry-flavoured icing with the juice from the frozen berry juice (another advantage of frozen berries) and icing sugar, but it came out a bit more Barbie than berry!

Attempt two resulted in a much more subtle berry taste and colour, which I then drizzled on the muffins:

This is not going to aid with the rapidly developing muffin top associated with my new desk-bound lifestyle! At least I'm inflicting them on all of my colleagues...

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