Sunday, 11 September 2011

Cloth Bags

I cleaned and oiled Captain Sew (as was pointed out to me, this may have been the first time in 80 years he has been cleaned!) in preparation for his first more adventurous* project:

I used the manual that was kindly provided with my machine, which was slightly confusing as it was written in 1963 and therefore has nothing to do with my machine. It was, however, hilarious, reminding me that my sewing machine offered 'wonderful possibilities' for 'the girl interested in household economics'... Luckily, the Singer website also has a manual for my sewing machine, or something similar, the '50k'.

I located a pattern from Daisy Janie's amazing blog ( which is full of beautiful fabric and patterns so clearly explained that even I can follow them. Here is the finished product, which has now been given to a good friend who had the misfortune to have a Birthday that coincided with my learning to sew:

I also have a more colourful one lined up- watch out family and friends come Christmas!

* Adventurous for a novice like me!

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